About Us

UltraChix is the brainchild of longtime friends Amy Lamprecht and Bev Allen.

Amy (left) and Bev (right)

Amy Lamprecht

A keen swimmer and weight lifter since her teens, Amy found herself drawn to competing in triathlon and Ironman after struggling with weight gain following the birth of her third child. After cementing herself as an accomplished road runner during this time, she decided to take a step into trail running as part of a multi-sport team competing in the Freycinet Challenge.

Here, Amy soon learned (the hard way!) that running on trails is an entirely separate discipline, with its own unique challenges and skill set. However, the seed was definitely planted and she found herself drawn to trail running races and, over time, ultra marathons.

Since then, Amy has notched up numerous victories and race records:

  • 6-time winner of the Bruny Island Ultra, current female race record holder
  • 6-time winner of Convicts and Wenches 50km, current female race record holder
  • 2016 winner and 10-time consecutive finisher of Triple Top Mountain Run 
  • Top 5 placings at UTA100 in 2018 and 2016
  • 3-time 2nd placegetter at Surf Coast Century 100
  • 2nd place at the Buffalo Stampede in 2016
  • Amy also one of three women selected to represent Australia at the World Trail Championships in Portugal in 2016.

Amy has been a qualified personal trainer for over 20 years and over this time has mentored and encouraged many people of all ages to reach their personal goals, no matter how small or lofty.

Incredibly, Amy has achieved all this whilst raising a family and working full time too, proving that it is possible to have health and a busy lifestyle at the same time. 

When not training or exploring the wonderful Tasmanian wilderness, Amy enjoys cooking great healthy food whilst enjoying a Sav Blanc… or a Pinot Gris… or a Rose, sometimes…

Bev Allen

Five years ago Bev suffered a significant knee injury and was told she wouldn’t run again. She’s pretty pleased to have been able to prove those doctors wrong!

Bev has completed the Bruny Island 64km ultra marathon on 3 occasions. Competed in many trail running events with her most significant achievement winning her age group in the Salomon trail series in Victoria in 2016. Also completed the Berlin marathon in 2018.

While Bev enjoys competing, her real passion is to head out on the trails exploring and enjoying the freedom of running in our beautiful Tasmanian wilderness and being fit enough to do so. The only down side to this is her fear of meeting a snake on the trail!

Bev also really enjoys crewing and assisting others competing in ultra events. She has crewed for Amy numerous times, including Gone Nuts 101, Surf Coast Century, Bruny Island Ultra and the UTA100.

Bev is a summer girl and also enjoys sailing, camping and sharing a good wine with friends. She’s also well known amongst the Launceston running fraternity for her colour-coordinated running outfits, and is currently working hard to design her own line of UltraChix running attire – watch this space!